Saturday, January 3, 2009

Random thoughts...

I Thessalonians. I wonder at times when I think of Paul and what he expected to go through every place that he went...or at least was not fearful of if indeed it did happen. He was ready for persecution. Question #1: Am I? Question #2: Is it more important to focus on being ready for persecution or be willing and ready to lay my life as it is before a Holy God - unwilling to reason away sin; willing to only bring Him glory?

So, as for my day, I enjoying the aloha of Hawaii while visiting and serving here (what a priviledge that I don't have known enemies or fame so that I can say that for all to see - Come and visit! :). I realize that I at times find it difficult to be outfront with my hurts, but I have no problem sharing about what I've learned through them. I'm much more emotional than I would like to admit at times- Usually a good cry (which really doesn't happen often) cures me of any ill! I'm then ready for another adventure after I think about the logic of what's really bothering me, pray about it, and realize where I'm not thinking right (where I'm in the wrong). I'm working on preparing for a possible marathon and really am sore cause the roads here are all uphill! :) Tonight Mema made Peach tarts...telling you...she should've started a restuarant! She brings up such random thoughts, stories, memories, jokes, and wit....She doesn't relate anything to a movie line but instead has a memory to attach to almost anything she brings up. It's really refreshing! I am so grateful for the life I've been blessed to enjoy thusfar...can't wait for the rest. My parents have said, "Life only gets better when you are serving the LORD." I would have to agree with all my heart. I know these are random thoughts - thought you might enjoy.