Monday, December 7, 2009

Exhaustion comes before rest, right?

Answer: Exhaustion can end in needed rest if rest is chosen, but it's definately not God's desired pre-requisite! He intends instead for us to live...resting in Him. What that looks like I look forward to learning in deepening reality for the entirety of my life.

WOW! Since Thanksgiving, I've had quite a ride emotionally. I can't help but call this time since I returned in mid-Nov. "sweet" a treasured giddy excitement waiting behind a curtain of hopes for what is to come. My heart is so content to be where I am, but my body has hit an exhaustion that gives me little room to push beyond it. Friends have spoiled me with understanding and grace as they watch me struggle to learn how to stop for a day maybe much longer can I take of resting? :) Ha! Can I just say, God has been waking me up early, no matter the time that I go to bed? I awake wide-eyed like a child wanting to go out and see their stocking hung and to open the presents under the tree...but all I want is to read His Word and talk with Him. Even journaling has taken a back seat. Praise HIM...for desire for Him comes as a gift for us all - It seems we can only fully begin (yes, those two words fit together here) to receive the gift of rest only after we begin to seek after Him with our hearts. He's more than "worth" taking our last ounce of energy or our first stretch of the morning to reach for...