Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gripped by the reality of this thing (action) called prayer...

Sometimes prayers are all the good that I feel comes out of my mouth, for it’s then that I’m truly me without trying to please anyone. I have chosen to pray and therefore trust the God (who’s Son is Jesus) who cannot be wooed by my words to believe anything about me that isn’t truth. Funny, somehow, I can usually only remember long-term the words that I pray when I really was speaking to Him and meant it! These are the prayers I’m talking about now. I somehow remember the prayers that I’m expecting in faith…watching and waiting on Him to answer as His will decrees. They are brought back to memory when I begin to be concerned and need to pray them again. I find sweet comfort in trusting Him to do what I’m choosing to lay before Him trusting Him to accomplish…Circular reasoning? Yes, and in this case, it works.

The world could be changed by the prayers of those who know Him. If I were to think of what a prayer would look like, I would picture a wind of change…you can never control when it comes or predict with confidence the direction from which it will come. But, when it comes, there’s no denying that a power much greater than your own – curiously personal, mysterious and powerful - came and moved things most times in great ways, sometimes in “just what we needed” undeserved ways. Even if we had all the resources in the world at our fingertips, we couldn’t cause the likes of blessings only God can bring on the wings of His grace…even if we tried for a lifetime. We would try in vain to make happen the likes of what we could dare to request on our knees. He’s wanting to answer – He’s just waiting for us to make time to re-align our hearts in order that we may ask just in time to catch the eclipse of His glory passing by our lives through His answer. In our struggles may our faith may be proved genuine – resulting in praise glory and honor… I Peter 1.